Welcome to The Mayfair Hall

After my years spent styling for Bergdorf Goodman, Prada, Vogue, as Fashion Director at In Style attending numerous fashion shows around the globe and styling celebrities and most recently helping Jessica Alba and her brands The Honest Company & Honest Beauty as VP of Creative & Content, I find myself doing what makes me happy the most: consulting for brands I love and believe in and helping women be the best they can be all the while having a balanced and fulfilling personal life (husband and kids, love you!).

Through The Mayfair Hall content and our women’s concierge, our mission is to help you unlock your potential and make a positive difference in your life, creating a better day, every day. We hope you will feel inspired and empowered by being part of our community.

We believe that our strength and yours lies in our femininity and being open to a life full of possibilities. We have learned that life can surprise you when you are willing to let it and want to encourage you to embrace yourself and your journey knowing that we will be here for you along the way.

If you are part of our community, your questions, suggestions, and ideas are always welcome.

If you are a brand, we would love to know what’s new and are open for collaborations and partnerships.

Be in touch and enjoy!