10 Ways to Lower Your Energy Usage Now

Don't act like you didn't know! Using unnecessary energy is bad for all. Most sources for energy production are non-renewable, that means they will end. Besides that, the energy production process results in the release of high levels of carbon-dioxide which contributes to global warming. 

One would think that with so much information available, we would be making sure that consumption slows down right? Wrong! 2017 emissions reached a record high and in 2018 we are not seeing any improvement yet.

So, use the easy tips below (even one change will already make a difference) to lower your energy usage and help our world.

  • Turn on brightness control on all your screens. An easy fix that will have you saving every time you use them.
  • Don't stream videos through game consoles which can use up to 20 times more energy.
  • Make sure to choose appliances with the Energy Star label.
  • Try to buy local whenever possible to avoid energy spent in shipping.
  • Use warm water instead of hot while showering. It is also better for your hair and skin.
  • Switch to cold water when using your washing machine. Better for your clothes and for the environment.
  • Just plug electronics when they need to be charged, plugging them overnight uses more energy than required.
  • Switch light bulbs to LED ones which use at least 75% less energy. Try Phillips Dimmable 60-Watt LED Light Bulb.
  • When remodeling, switch faucets and shower heads for ones with the WaterSense label.
  • And finally, if at all possible, change your energy source to solar.