The Best: Highlighter

RMS Beauty's living luminizer is a beauty bag must. It creates a sheer, luminous glow without being sticky, greasy or glittery. It is also J.Crew's longtime makeup artist, Troi Ollivierre's secret weapon to that inner glow. As with most RMS products, it is created with all certified organic ingredients. After a litany of health scares, top makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift was driven to change the beauty industry. She launched RMS Beauty a line of non-toxic, organic color cosmetics in 2008 with a very small line including, living luminizer. Today they offer well over 100 products.

Apply sparingly with fingers over the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, along the inner corners of eyes, and on the cupid's bow above lips for a natural glow. Add life to eyes by subtly applying onto the center of eyelids, just above the lashes.

Living Luminizer is available at RMS Beauty and other fine cosmetics stores.