The X-Factor: What Percent of Your Energy Focuses on YOU

Whether you are a wife, a mother a career woman or all three I believe there is more riding on you than you think. 

So I decided to do a little informal Facebook poll. What percent of your energy is focused on you? Not surprisingly most of the answers were ZERO. Even one husband joined in and replied ZERO for his wife. We have come a long way baby, but enough is enough. That does not sound like having it all; it is more like having nothing.

One woman made a very awesome analogy; it is like on the airplane when they say "remember to put the oxygen mask on yourself first" If we don't start taking care of ourselves we will not be capable of taking care of anything. Trust me at 25% you will feel like a queen. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Dedicate at least three hours a week to just you. Whether you workout, sit in a cafe, get a manicure make sure those three ME hours are blocked off on your schedule. 

2. It is also helpful to schedule personal time with your spouse or your children. Real quality time instead of that whirlwind through life kind of time. Have a weekly date night. Have a regular time to focus on each child. Something you both will look forward. My daughter is always ready to get deep into a Pinterest DIY 15 minutes before her bedtime. We are both disappointed when I say not now. Find a now time and relax.  

3. Make a list of your regular chores. It is kind of like writing your job description, and you will realize how much you are responsible for. At work you can easily delegate tasks, start doing it at home. You are not the only one capable of emptying the recycling bin. Is there an MBA for dishwasher loading? (There actually might be for unloading and putting items back in the appropriate place)

4. Take a class. There are so many fun things you can learn by setting aside an hour or two a week—knitting, pastry essentials, a new language or how to meditate. Give it a try. 

5. Moreover, lastly, this recommendation comes from my poll. Take a secret week off of work. She didn't tell her husband or children, and as everyone left for his or her day, she went on little adventures—A spa day, class, gallery hopping, whatever you like. It sounds like a very good idea, deception aside. I think most family members would give you a break if you just asked.