The Best: Wooden Spoons

Herriott Grace is a venture of father and daughter. Lance and Nikole Herriott live almost 3,000 miles apart: his workshop is in Victoria, British Columbia, and her studio is in Toronto, Ontario. Back in 2008, when Nikole first made her home more than halfway across the country, they started to send packages back and forth.

Lance sometimes sent his hand carved spoons. He had been collecting wood since the early seventies and used his best for these gifts. With their ideal balance and shape, the pieces were made with unmistakable care.

Nikole thought others might appreciate her father’s talent as she did, and so asked her father if they could find a way to share his work. After some convincing, Lance agreed, and their shop and brand were born. She styles and photographs those pieces he sends, and together they are Herriott Grace. Nikole pens a blog filled with beautifully photographed desserts, recipes included.

Spoons are available at Herriott Grace starting from $100.

Courtesy Herriott Grace. 

Courtesy Herriott Grace.