You Can! Start Exercising Again

If you are like me, and I know many of you are, your life has probably taken over and put you in second place. Between morning school drop off and an office move that tripled my commute I found myself thinking a brisk walk to the subway was really going to replace four personal training sessions a week. After over a year of this I am starting to not recognize my reflection (and not in a good oh, wow! way). 

I had enough and after a failed attempt to go to the gym one Saturday morning, who knew it was closed Saturdays, I popped into a new Soul Cycle across the street. It was only 11 am, and they were done with their sessions but I signed up for the next day. Getting back in the saddle was a lot easier when I was in a room with 40 other people and told every step of the way what to do. It is more anonymous than a PT but you still feel accountable, and it is way cheaper.  Did I mention the sweat? Eek. I don't know if this pumping beat will work four days a week. 

Stranded at home without childcare but feeling the need to erase some of the damage from the previous evening's dinner out, I pick up a promotional copy of Tracy Anderson's TAVA workout video. TAVA is an old school aerobics style dance routine. My 8-year-old daughter and I were laughing and bumping into each other. A half an hour later my heart was racing, and I realized, wow this could work in a pinch, and I have got a buddy!

I also started posting some of these shenanigans on Instagram to have my friends and followers start to hold me accountable. A little mind game but it seems to be working. Now two months in, I am feeling great, not spending a fortune (except for that first motivational bunch of purchases), starting to shed some pounds and realize I cannot be so rigid. By diversifying what I am doing I don't get bored and am not beating myself up when a walk/run home from drop off is all I can squeeze in. I have added in Ballet Beautiful classes, they are more mellow but not crunchy like yoga. Sorry yogis I can't "om." 

GET MOTIVATED with some great new gear. I know a unitard sounds weird, but it is very slimming once topped with an oversized T or tank.