A Modern Way to Save Family Recipes

Unfortunately, my Mother never used recipes, probably why she was not that great a cook. She had a few basic things she made, and the preparation and ingredients were from memory leading to inconsistent results. Sorry, Mom. My Grandmother made a mean roast chicken and chicken soup but that was about it, and again no recipes. Fast forward to me, I have recipes piling up in inboxes, folders and earmarked in books and magazines. Finally, an easy place to save all of these memorable menus, meals, and recipes.

Pepperplate is a seamless digital cooking platform, which now syncs across almost any type of computer, smartphone, and tablet.  It is a useful resource for me now but will also serve as an excellent family archive. You can save recipe URLs or manually type in an heirloom family recipe. Pepperplate even saves menus, and you can prepare your meal with multiple cooking timers. You can also add recipes, menus and other items to your shopping list. If three of your recipes each need specific amounts of butter, it will automatically calculate the required total.