A Toast to Dry January

We've made it through the first week of January. And whenever the topic turns to New Year’s resolutions, it seems at every gathering; someone brings up #DryJanuary or #Drynuary. What's that about? Why has this New Year fad gone viral? Simple: After thoroughly enjoying the bright, joyous holidays, many of us need a Holiday Detox: A new beginning and a fresh start, free of the stress and social obligations that came with December. The last thing anyone wants now is a hangover. There’s too much fantastic possibility ahead!
Life coach Kristen Glosserman raises her glass to Dry January, and encourages clients to join her: "It's NOT about denial, perfection, setting an example, or being a martyr," Kristen says. "It's a reset, a positive time-out from the intoxication of indulgence. If December was about MORE, it feels wonderfully equalizing to make January about LESS: reduced stress, fewer commitments, lower pressure."


Taking a break from alcohol can help us begin the new year relaxed and refreshed. Maybe pass on the wine, and allow this month to be just a little kinder to your liver and yourself. Going dry has many wellness bonuses, but health benefits aside, Dry January is really about balance. It’s committing yourself: Deciding to DO what is healthy. Resolving to do better this year than last. Making a pact to right your ship, so it stays on course for the year ahead. 

Full disclosure: “January is my birthday month," Kristen confides, "so I’m giving myself three optional passes." So sip a white wine spritzer at dinner, if you must. Enjoy some pomegranate juice “on the rocks,” with a twist of lime. Whatever it takes to move you closer to your 2018 goals – stirred, not shaken.