Your Bathroom, Your Spa

A woman knows, sometimes the only safe haven at home is your bathroom. How many times have you taken a shower just to have a little bit of peace away from the kids? Or sitting in your bathroom in order to answer a few emails when everybody outside is craving your attention. A bathroom is, at many points in life a retreat, a place where privacy is possible, a place where your mind can take a little break. 

So, wouldn't make sense to actually make this space more relaxing? More like a spa? 

I did just that and, with minimal investment and a little bit of organizing, I now can enjoy on a daily basis these little luxuries. Here are my tips...

First of all, make sure to get rid of all clutter and do a deep cleaning, your bathroom should be an oasis of relaxation and a time for you to recharge and take care of yourself. Yes, those shower metal shelves, pile of clothes and huge shampoo bottles must go.

Choose a style: minimalist, classic, organic, Parisian, etc. Think about what makes you happy, what colors would be relaxing, which materials you would like. I am sure all the stuff on top of your sink is not part of that picture, is it?

Choose a few pieces to upgrade the room and remember, no hotel experience is complete without soft white towels and a robe.

I shopped quite a few stores and selected some things I would add to my bathrooms with a very competitive price. No need to splurge, you can have excellent results on a budget.

Lastly, moving forward, choose products with beautiful packages which will keep your color palette constant, sometimes I use those bottles as refills after I am done with them.

Moreover, add flowers, just one white rose in a tumbler will already bring beauty to your morning.

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