Book Now... And Enjoy a Beach Vacation

Did you decide to have a staycation? Take care of that to do list, save money and just relax? Maybe do some online shopping and take advantage of the sales?

However, now, you arrive at work, and everybody is sharing their plans. You go to your yoga class, and the excitement is growing for a relaxing weekend by the beach. At school pick up all kids cannot wait to go away for the break. So you finally give in!

If that is your case and now, you are in a panic not knowing where to go, there is hope; I booked this trip in 15min, no kidding!

Book flights and hotel, work extra hard this week to get everything in shape and you know what? Take this vacation! I doubt that when you are in your last days, you will say: I'm so glad I organized my closet and cleaned the kitchen that holiday weekend instead of going to the beach enjoy life, spend time with my family and see my kids smile. Time is precious, cherish it and love yourself.

We operate from a very simple premise: nature is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way.
— 1 Hotel


South Beach/Miami - Not my usual go to, but there are so many fantastic new hotels (Surf Club, The Edition, Soho House and my favorite 1 Hotel), great restaurants (try Casa Tua, so romantic) and shopping (The Webster,  Boho Hunter, and Supply and Advise for men). The art scene is good and the Design District worth a visit. 


Fares as of yesterday were still affordable, and using miles was also a possibility (I booked through Delta). You can fly to Miami International Airport or Fort Lauderdale, which although 10 min farther from the hotel (total 35min), is a small airport and you get through everything very fast. Uber to and from is easy enough. I booked a 7 am flight, I know it is early, but it means I will beat most of the craziness of a holiday weekend and will be having lunch by the beach at around 12:30. On the way back a 5 pm flight will allow us to enjoy the day and still arrive at home in time for the kids to have a restful night of sleep before going to school the next day.


1 Hotel - A stunning eco-luxury property that is at the same time Zen and fun, where you can relax and unwind just by being there. The color palette is clean, all in neutral tones for a visual detox. The textures are natural and welcoming, but nothing is too precious that you will have to keep asking your kids not to do, well, pretty much anything. There is space to be alone, but also to gather - excellent for families. The beautiful Bamford Spa helps, the Signature Treatment was both relaxing and uplifting. I have traveled the world and stayed in some of the best 5-star hotels, and this is up there, with my top choices. Besides the design, pools, spa, gym (including a Soul Cycle in the building) the food is impressive, making it hard to choose between the options. My two favorites were BeachCraft (Tom Colicchio's beach version of his original Craft, make a reservation in advance) for dinner and PlntHouse by Matthew Kenney for other meals, although you have another five options available, including a smoothie bar. Rates yesterday were starting at $450, book here.