Do You Have a Cat?

I didn't, until two months ago when I finally gave in to the endless requests from my kids, and we adopted a little kitten from ACC (Animal Care Centers of NYC).

Claritin in hand and prepared for the new adventure we found the new member of our family. Her name is Blue, an adorable gray kitten.

Everybody is happy but my quest to find the perfect litter box started. We had just moved to a new place, and everything was taken care of in the minimal details only to find that ugly litter box in the middle of it all. I couldn't.

That's when a friend recommended Modkat and also told me that the Spring Meadow scent that I was dreading so much was completely unnecessary. Ok, there is hope.

Believe me, if you have cats, this litter box will change your life. The award-winning design as described by The NY Times looks more like an iPod. Everything works correctly, it reduces litter tracking, reduces odor, our kitten loves her privacy, and the design fits very well with the rest of the house.

Where modern cats do their business
— Modkat
Modkat Litter Box

Modkat Litter Box

If you are thinking about adding a pet to your family, please adopt one, there are so many adorable animals in need. We visited ACC (Animal Care Centers of NYC), found our kitten and received great support from them. Blue came home neutered, with all vaccines taken and ready to have a happy life.