English Kitchens to Fall in Love With

Deep in the Suffolk countryside of England, Plain English was founded in 1992 and since then has been producing and creating new kitchens that combine a sense of bohemian aristocracy, connected with the countryside where seasons and a certain domesticity are present on the day by day of families.

Although strongly rooted in the past and its values, Plain English creations completely fit into our lives today and while perfect for your country house, these projects would bring a certain domestic flair to your apartment or townhouse as well.

Here are some of their impeccable projects for you to fall in love with. 

Our aesthetic references the values of the past and gently evolves to embrace the modern ways we live now.
— Katie Fontana, Creative Director & Tony Niblock, Managing Director of Plain English

For more information or to move forward with a project for your new kitchen contact Plain English at usa@plainenglishdesign.co.uk and start following them on Instagram @plainenglishuk