Found It: Great Luggage for Kids

It is one of those things that you never take care of and so wish you had once a vacation comes.

The thought of walking at the airport with all mismatched luggage and messy bags makes me cringe. Or arriving at a beautiful hotel only to deposit your messy luggage pile at the check-in area. Oh no!

After much research, I have just ordered three medium suitcases at Away and couldn't be happier.

They come in several colors - I ordered the dark green and navy for the boys and the burgundy for my girl and chose to monogram each one with their initials using different color combinations. The monograms are hand-painted by New York artist Jen Mussari.

The suitcases are very sleek, light and durable. Scratch resistant, with interior compression system and built with unbreakable polycarbonate. The four wheels make it easy for kids to take care of their luggage and the price is superb while the quality is excellent.

I still love my Rimowa but until they graduate to their forever suitcases, Away is a perfect choice.

Click here to buy your Away.