Found It: Antique Botanical Prints

A few months ago, when we decided to move to a new apartment by Central Park, I became obsessed with antique botanical prints after seeing an image of a gorgeous restored house where the interior designer had used those in a series by the dining room table.

While browsing decor sites, I came across Panteek, an online store that carries an extensive selection of orchid prints (my favorites) in addition to architectural, bird, butterfly and coral ones.  The pieces are all originals, dating mostly from the 18th century. The site isn't the very user-friendly, but, what it lacks in technology, it certainly makes it up in historical treasures.

With prices starting around only $40, these prints are a great way to include art in your home.

These old prints are a finite resource and it is a true pleasure for us to share them with our customers, whose love and knowledge of them often surpasses our own. Through our passion for these prints, we recapture a little of the time when they were made, a time with seemingly limitless horizons and the daily discoveries of new species. It is a daily inspiration to us.
— Panteek

For more, browse rare antique botanical and other prints at Panteek.