Healthy Living Done Right (And Easy!)

I had been searching for a go-to meal service that could be on my VIP list for whenever life gets out of control and I become too busy to take care of myself so, last week I tried Provenance Meals.

I loved the idea that with them I could do a detox here and there but wouldn't be abandoned after the 5 or 7 days that those cleanses usually last. They supply meals either by a weekly subscription service or one-time orders outside of the detox programs. After all, who doesn't know that the yo-yo effect is definitely unhealthy and negative for our routines? 

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So I started with a 5-day program called The Provenance Detox feat. Be Well by Dr. Frank Lipman who is one of the world's most renowned functional medicine doctors. Just the title of the detox made me feel cared and in good hands. 

The program is designed to help heal your gut and balance your microbiome by following the known 4Rs: remove, replace, reinoculate and repair or in a nutshell, hit reset which helps with weight loss and inflammation and in turn increases energy. Isn't that what we need?! 

The whole detox was not only balanced and well developed but also delicious. I received daily emails which helped me stay on track by being motivated and learn new tips on self-care. Moving forward, I know that they are always there for me, so whenever hectic becomes the word of the day Provenance Meals can help me to not go down the rabbit hole of unhealthy meals. You should try.

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Start your program by visiting Provenance Meals.