How to Make the New Year Actually Happy

We SAY “Happy New Year” hundreds of times during the holiday season—but what do we actually DO to make sure the year ahead is happy? The reality is that New Year’s resolutions rarely stick. Those five pounds we vow to shed? Somehow, they always manage to return. 

So, as the old year draws to a close, realize that the goal isn’t losing five pounds, it’s gaining insight into the life changes—big and small you’d like to make—then identifying a professional to help guide you toward achieving the happy New Year you want.  You may want to consider hiring a Life Coach. These hyper-motivated consultants offer valuable guidance on a wide variety of goals, from physical fitness to financial health to family dynamics and positive well-being.  Putting a lot of sunshine in your pocket. 

Find one whose philosophy aligns with the life you want. For a few tips, I reached out to coach Kristen Glosserman who successfully balances career with motherhood and—like all moms—faces the daily challenge of staying fit and fabulous while raising healthy, happy children. A disciple of a positive discipline, for kids as well as adults, her coaching practice combines fitness, finance, and family, without overlooking fashion and fun.

“It’s not about five pounds,” says Kristen. “And it’s not about juice cleanses, or hundreds of pushups, either,” she adds. “It’s really about making decisions to optimize performance and setting yourself up for success: deciding what direction you want your life to take, then letting me help create a road map to get you there.”

When you do that, you’ll discover those pesky pounds will disappear—this time, for good.

And if not, we guarantee you’ll still feel a whole lot lighter!

In addition to private coaching Kristen hosts workshops and seminars (see schedule on her site) as well as a daily dose of positive thinking on Instagram.