How to: Organize Your Fridge

It starts well and throughout the week it goes downhill. 

For some reason it is impossible for everyone else at our house to return items where they were found and I am left playing a game of Tetris trying to fit it all in yet again.

If this is your story as well, here are a few tips to keep things organized:

  1. The door: Too warm for milk and eggs. Store here juice, condiments, butter, soda, water and label the areas so items go back always to their designated container.

  2. If you have a French door fridge you might already have this drawer below the crisper, if not, use a container to organize it this way. I have a separator in the drawer and use one side for deli meats/bacon which I put in small containers and label it with expiration date and the other side for cheeses.

  3. Use your crisper drawers (usually there are 2). I use one for fruits (low humidity) and one for greens and vegetables (high humidity). Not ideal for conservation as usually recommended but in my experience makes for more use and therefore the rotation keeps the items fresh anyway.

  4. The lower shelf is ideal for items that need a colder area - here is where you will put milk, yogurt, cottage cheese. A turntable will make all items accessible.

  5. The upper shelf will hold the other items such as jams, leftovers, snacks, drinks. Here is a good place to use bins and containers to keep food groups together. I.e: Breakfast, Afternoon Snacks, Leftovers.

  6. Store leftovers in clear and labeled containers for up to 4 days.

  7. Zip lock bags are extremely practical and help food stay fresh longer.

  8. Allow enough space between foods to let air circulate and optimize cooling.

Below you can find a few items to help you get started with your organization project. My favorite is the new Pro For Home Storage Containers by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. The containers come with features such as tray for marinating or keeping water away from fruits and veggies, wipe off pen and are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Never forget that organization is supposed to make things easier and save time. Don't complicate it. Try and use as many or as few of these tips as you think you and your family will be able to adapt as part of your routine. Good luck!