Kids Closet Organization Made Easy

It can become chaotic in the blink of an eye, but it does not have to. Keeping your kid's bedroom and closets organized is not just a time saver for you, it will teach your kids to be responsible and organized on their own.

It is straightforward if you have enough storage options and labels to make it possible for kids to keep things in place.

  1. Why not change all hangers, so they match? The investment is low, and the whole thing will already start to look much better.

  2. Add some boxes with lids for specific categories; I use it for underwear, socks, and small accessories. It can be messy inside, but you do not have to see it.

  3. Bins are perfect for themes such as winter, beach, ballet, tennis or whatever extracurricular classes your kid might attend.

  4. A fun catch-all bin can be used for sports equipment or costumes.

  5. A cute hamper will make the whole "put your dirty clothes away" more fun.

  6. Finally a shoe storage option that your kids will be able to reach on their own.

There you go. There is hope, little by little and with weekly maintenance, your kid's closets will be so much better.