Laundry: The Tips And Tricks You Need to Know


  • Separate colors: Yes, you should sort your laundry before you put it in the washer. Whites, dark colors and light colors and dry cleaning should be separated. Also, further sort it by fabric type so delicates and towels or heavy fabrics such as jeans are not in the same cycle.

  • Leave the buttons unbuttoned but zip zippers, secure velcro. Empty pockets and turn them inside out for through cleaning.

  • Treat stains before washing by blotting liquid with a clean white cloth without spreading it. Apply stain remover and after the wash cycle, make sure it was removed before putting garment in the dryer, the heat will make the stain set.

  • Dirtier whites (such as kids’ clothes they used for sports or the park) should be pre-soaked in cold water with a bit of laundry detergent prior to wash. If they are dingy, put them in a large pot of hot water with a few lemon slices, let it boil and soak up for an hour. Start the washing cycle in hot water immediately after.

  • Choosing the correct cycle is an important step and one that many people get confused about. Choose the regular wash for sturdier fabrics, permanent press for the average ones and delicate for laces and, well, more delicate fabrics. Hot water should be used for whites while cold or lukewarm for dark and bright colors.

  • Napkins: After entertaining, prepare a bucket of ice water and let the napkins soak overnight. In the morning, switch to hot water and some detergent and let it soak for an additional hour. Launder afterwards and dry in the cold cycle.