Make It Happen with the Self Journal

So many goals, so much to achieve every day, so little time. That seems to be the ongoing feeling we have. 

If your life resembles more the one of a hamster in the wheel than of an organized and productive woman who walks around confident she will achieve her goals, it is time to find a solution. 

That solution can come in many ways: changing jobs, going to a spa retreat, doing yoga - or as I learned (after trying the ones mentioned before), finding a way to organize your goals - and your calendar - so every day is lived in a thoughtful and meaningful way. Consistency and discipline are your friends on this journey.

You need tools to keep you focused and on the road to achieving your short and long term goals. Give the Self Journal a chance. It is working fantastically in my life, not just making me more productive and accountable for how I want to live, but happier and more in control of my time in this world.

We hear you! You’re ready to achieve transformational goals and get the most out of your life. And you’re determined.
But you’re also apprehensive. You’ve been here before. You know you start out with good intentions. Your challenge is maintaining drive and enthusiasm - even when life gets in the way.
It’s why you’re looking for tools to help. You want a proven system to keep you focused, help you hustle, and crush your goals quicker.
— Best Self
Via Best Self

Via Best Self

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