Miracle Moment: CoolSculpting Gets Rid of Unwanted Fat

There are certain areas in our bodies that are more stubborn than a toddler or worse, a teenager. Think about that jiggly upper arm, the inner tighs that love to rub together, the love handles that stick out, the pooch, the double chin - those parts of your body that, just by hearing their names you cringe and get instantaneously depressed - cry no more, they can be improved in an easy and painless way with no gym or diet required - I told you it is a miracle.

Coolscultping is a noninvasive fat reduction treatment perfect for certain areas that resist diet and exercise. It works by freezing fat cells which are afterward naturally eliminated by your body.

Does it really work? Yes!

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.44.49 AM.png

On my first appointment with one of Skinney MedSpa's Beauty Directors we did the hardest part, look at the areas where I could have improvement by diminishing fat deposits - you know, those ones you are always trying to disguise. I decided to test the treatment by starting with my stomach. We then moved to the treatment room where I lay down comfortably and after a gel application,  had the "miracle fat freezers" placed on my stomach. The one-hour treatment was pleasant, I watched an episode of The Crown and answered emails while the lovely staff checked on me every once in a while.

After the treatment, my stomach area became numb during about one week, which is to be expected and part of the process. Nothing else, no fat reduction either on that week, which can be a little disappointing. 


It has been now about 6 weeks since I had my treatment and, you won't believe, the fat in my stomach is gone! Goodbye, so long, au revoir fat deposit. I won't post here those dreadful before and after pictures but, you get the point, they are real.

Per treatment description, I will still see more improvement in the next month but am happy with the extremely effective results and look forward to scheduling a second appointment for my love handles. The best part besides the fat reduction? I am now much more motivated to have a healthy lifestyle and exercise since I don't have the negative feeling that no matter my effort, I won't see improvement. CoolSculpting melted my fat and gave me a shot of confidence.

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