Shop this Week: Easy Breezy Summer Dresses

Every woman owes herself the pleasure of dressing well, and that does not require you to win the lottery. Much the opposite, although fun to shop and be able to choose what your heart desires, restraint can be your friend, forcing you to make wise choices by building on your style and not the latest fads season after season.

If your wardrobe is feeling more like #flashbackfriday, it is time to organize, sell, donate, repair, and give yourself a chance to start again. Get rid of the old to open space for the new. Great wardrobes do not just happen, they are a work in progress, so why not get it started?

You can decide to do it all at once, which would take one or two days for most people. If you have the stamina, go for it, or do as I do, by category, which I find much less challenging and intimidating. In this way, I give time for myself to adjust to decisions and try new directions without drastic changes. At the end of the process, I have that whole group taken care of and, with small investments on an ongoing basis, my wardrobe is always up to date and has everything I need.

Given the time of the year, this week we will be taking a look at our Summer dresses. I bet you have been thinking about finding this season's perfect dress but somehow that still didn't happen. Well, don't worry, that's why The Mayfair Hall is here to help you make a fantastic life happen.

Here is the game plan, let's take a tour of your closet.

Separate all your dresses into two categories the Fall/Winter dresses and the Spring/Summer ones, that will make your life easier every day when the time to get dressed comes.

What should you let go? Overworn dresses, ones with shiny patches or the ones that are definitely not "you" anymore, repairs that cannot be done, anything too small or too large (hello sales mistakes).

The only items allowed to stay if not being worn are heirlooms that you plan on leaving to your daughter, after all, you are not planning on opening a museum are you?

Okay, now that you have taken those pieces out of your closet, you should separate between resale, donation, repair, trash and for the ones you are not sure, if you have not worn in two years it is time to go.

Use notes on your phone to make a list of what is missing, that way, when you find yourself browsing windows, you can go back to the list and purchase something you need. Also helpful when you want to give gift ideas to someone.

Did you finish organizing? Now the fun part comes, time to shop...

What you should be looking for when it comes to Summer dresses: Versatile, flattering, yet comfortable for your body style. While wearing it you will want to look gorgeous but, at the same time, be able to relax so, no clingy or synthetic fabrics, nothing that makes you self-conscious and by all means, you want something you can have fun while wearing it. In this category there is no reason to break the bank, there are wonderful options at a contemporary price point.

Trend-wise, this Summer is all about feminine florals, those ones that make you feel like you could be in the British countryside. Flattering yet not too revealing, these pieces will take you from running errands to cocktails with no problems whatsoever. Working throughout the Summer? Bring these pieces to your daily rotation for a staycation feeling, they will definitely brighten your day. Mixing these florals with a solid option here and there is key. My choices are the eternal favorites in crisp white cotton, a deep green that is at the same time sophisticated yet unique in not so trendy silhouettes, these solid options you will want to have in your wardrobe season after season.

Go ahead, pick one, two or three… Find your perfect Summer dress to pair with flat sandals and statement earrings for a "I look great but I don't care" mood.