The Mistakes All Home Cooks Can Avoid

1. Overcrowding.

We're all in a hurry to get things moving, and sometimes we say, eh, it will be big enough. Whether it's the pot of boiling water for your pasta or a bowl to toss a salad, go big or go home. Always opt for a more substantial vessel and your dressing will be evenly distributed, your pasta won't be all stuck together, and the scallops will have room to get that golden brown sear.


2. Read the Recipe before you start.

Whether the butter needs to be room temperature or the pan needs preheating you'll never be behind if you read the recipe once through before you begin. Actually, I read the recipe through before I even decide to pursue. Who wants to be surprised by a soup that needs a velouté added as the last step?


3. Season

Even the finest execution can be destroyed by under seasoning. Remember always to taste as you go and to season again right before serving. Never put something on the table you haven't tasted.