The Skin You Always Dreamed of Having is Possible

The process to achieve perfect skin is not a one dramatic and traumatic procedure anymore. Instead, it involves finding an expert you trust who will on an ongoing basis be your skin guardian angel, erasing a few things here, adding some light there, boosting confidence and radiance along the way. For me, that expert is Samantha Wright at the Dangene Institute of Skinovation in Manhattan's Core Club.

You know those girls you secretly envy that have perfect skin with no makeup but say: Oh, I don't do anything, I just wash my face. Well, chances are they too found their guardian angel in the form of a Skinovator.

Combining next wave technology with a totally customized head-to-toe skincare program designed for your lifestyle, your needs and your schedule, Dangene’s team of Skinovators choreographs a multi-layered protocol focused on creating the most perfect version of you.
— Dangene
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So, what bothered me? Hyperpigmentation with many dark spots all over my face, fine lines around my eyes, melasma on my cheeks that have been there since I had my daughter 10 years ago, a little red dot here, a little mole there and overall, my skin just feels tired and without life. Looking at a list of all these problems I thought to myself, this is hopeless. Samantha, on the other hand, made me feel safe and welcome, never judged but instead understood, very much like speaking with a very knowledgeable best friend. We made a treatment plan for 4 weeks initially and she immediately got to work. She empowered me and helped me believe that I deserved better. "This is nothing and we will take care of it".

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During a 4 week series of treatments where I saw her every Monday, she polished, treated and made miracles happen. First in order was a dry dermabrasion to remove dead cells, a hydro facial which washes away impurities and infuse hydration and the zapper which magically made anything brown, bumpy and red disappear, all in the first week - she got me, I am convinced. The second week had me going through an oxygen facial and Coolifting which combines a cold rain of hyaluronic acid and facial cryotherapy into one treatment - this time I felt the transformation starting to take place at a deeper level, my skin was bright and full of life and my main issues were gone. The third appointment had us going back for touch-ups and perfecting what the past procedures had achieved, erasing a few light spots, working on texture and the skin health. The last appointment was somewhat sad, Samantha is one of those people you instantly love and trust. She checked the results of past appointments, as she carefully did at the beginning of all appointments, applied a chemical peel on certain areas of my face concentrating on areas with melasma, explained exactly what I should expect to happen in the next day or two as she always did, with a certain clairvoyant feeling. Every session ended with a LED light therapy session which helps the skin heal faster, stimulates collagen production, keeping skin firm, tight and glowing.

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All treatments are customized for every skin issue, and not just on your face, you can have a full body skin rehab. The idea is to recover the amazing feeling of not needing to every morning cover things up, you can be again your best self and take a mask off. It does come at a cost of around $1500 per session which is discussed during the first appointment along with your goals and the recommended program to follow. The price includes every single treatment necessary during that session and, believe me, a lot can be done.

How am I now? Every single issue I had on my list was addressed but, I am ready for more. As you will experience, this is a lifetime partnership. Maintenance here and there will ensure that I age gracefully always confident and glowing. 

To schedule your consultation contact Dangene at 212 249 8172 or email APPOINTMENT@DANGENE.COM.