Treatment of the Month: The SaltFacial

This three steps facial restores replenishes and rejuvenates your skin in one hour with no downtime - hello glow! It starts with a salt exfoliation using a machine similar, although much more advanced, to the old microdermabrasion one. The exfoliation is natural and gentle, specially significant when our skin is in desperate need of renewal. After the exfoliation process is complete, an ultrasound massage delivers hydrating anti-oxidants deep into the tissue, and the treatment ends with 20 minutes of medical grade LED lights, the ones we love so much already.

The SaltFacial Skin Renewal Therapy is particularly well suited for health conscious, active lifestyle patients who are looking for more natural ways to treat their skin.
— Lindsay Malachowski, Skinney Medspa

Did I like it? Well, confession time, I haven't been so kind to my skin in the past few weeks. With work, stress, wine, sun and anything else needed to zap the life away happening, my skin was in desperate need of some help. And that is what I got after the one-hour treatment. My skin looks brighter, tighter, glowing and healed. A sequence of treatments is recommended, think of it as your monthly facial, where gradually the benefits are achieved such as treatment of fine lines, dark spots and uneven skin tone besides boosting your collagen production on a regular basis. We all need some help to keep that glow going!


I had my Salt Facial at Skinney Medspa in New York, make your appointment here.