Unique Villa Rentals: Le Collectionist

When thinking about the Summer ahead, stay away from the hotel route and instead choose a villa rental at a special yet off the beaten track destination.

Perfect when traveling with friends, in which case the end of the day cocktails and late night conversations are a much valued time, or family with kids, where the space allows for playing outside yet the feeling of being a local lets you soak up the culture, giving the little ones a chance to experience how others live their lives.

My vacations always include a villa rental be it in Tuscany, Venice, Paris, Belgium or wherever our next flight takes us. I try to find an architecture unique to the place, with lots of outdoor space for privacy and a great kitchen to take advantage of local recipes. 

One of the best places to find such villas is Le Collectionist, where extremely well-curated houses are available in authentic areas for a unique travel experience. The range of price varies allowing to stay on budget or splurge. Keep in mind that villas have multiple bedrooms therefore when traveling with friends or families, sharing a rate makes for a chic yet affordable option.

Start daydreaming, send the site around to your VIP list and get that planning started...

To choose a villa for your next vacation visit Le Collectionist.