New Year New You: Set Up for Success

Cubicles and traditional corporate environments are more and more such a thing of the past. They are just not conducive to happiness and productivity scientists discovered - and we knew all along.

So, either in a traditional office (if you still need to), at home or like lucky me at one of the amazing community workspaces such as The Wing or WeWork, try to make your environment feel a little bit more personal, a little more you - it can come to as simple a change as your office supplies! Think about things that you like, colors that make you happy. Brake the rules, times have changed.

The Wing's amazing and inspiring workspace. Not just a productive environment but a community of women making a difference.

Here are a few tips to get you started if your office still feels more like Working Girl:

1- Clean up: Everything old must go... Folders you don't use anymore, those magazines that have been piling up and you won't have time to read, the shoes that accumulate under your desk. Start with a clean slate. Just by doing that your mind will start to feel more clear. Did you know that general office supply stores have recycled materials available? These ReBinder folders are both elegant, affordable and eco-friendly.

2- Assess the lighting situation: sometimes it isn't possible for you to fully customize your own but whenever possible, open the blinds and let natural light in, add a task light to your desk, a lamp for your office and turn off the overhead fluorescent lights. Light has an impact on motivation and health, choose daylight light bulbs for best performance.

3-Temperature: Science shows that we are more productive when working at a comfortable temperature of between 70 and 77, against what old studies believed. So request higher temperatures at your office, or if allowed, have a personal heater.

4-Plants: Having a plant in your office will help clean pollutants and make your overall air cleaner. Do some research to find which ones work best with the lighting available and are more efficient in cleaning your air. 

5-Enough boring stuff: Think about a color palette you like, items that will be both functional but also make you happy and shop some of my favorite resources below.

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