What to Wear to Host Thanksgiving

I love to host Thanksgiving and here are some of my tips to stay cool, calm and looking chic. Plan your outfit at least a week in advance. Remember, dark colors are best and be sure to have a good looking pressed apron on when you're in the kitchen.

2 Days Before: Bake desserts. Polish silver. Check out this trick here.

1 Day Before: Brine the turkey. Set the table and add any additional festive decor touches. Cook sides that can be stored overnight such as potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing. Assign platters to all of the dishes you are making and if you asked guests to bring something make sure you have something to transfer it into. The last thing you want is an aluminum tray tarnishing all of your hard work.

The Big Day: Rise early, have a frothy cappuccino and GO! Shower and dress an hour prior to guests arrival. Enjoy!