You Need to Know: Gabriella Hearst

Are you ready for timeless elegance to the max? Gabriella Hearst is one of those women who exudes a nonchalance about her impeccable style. Both in her collections, in how she chooses to decorate her houses or how she dresses her kids - two adorable girls.

Born in Uruguay and raised in her family's ranch, Gabriela first came to NY and launched her first label Candela in 2004. Her eponymous brand was launched in the Fall of 2015 and since then gained the hearts and closets of best-dressed women all over the world.

I wanted to create a brand that reflects a slower pace and process: where things are made with care and detail, where tradition is more important than trend, where there is purpose to every piece
— Gabriella Hearst

Gabriella Hearst collections can be found at The Line, Matches, My Theresa among other stores worldwide.