You Need to Know: Le Manach

Founded in France in 1829, Le Manach creates textiles, many of which were used by royalty and are present in museum collections these days.

In 2014, Maison Pierre Frey acquired Le Manach with the intent of preserving and revitalizing the brand which has an exhaustible source of inspiration and craftsmanship, deciding to aid the company in weaving its past and future together, on an inspiring journey. 

Below, take a look at the new collection by Le Manach, based on archive prints, which about 14 are available as wallpaper for the first time and 7 are available in textiles only.

A design house is defined above all by its style. Le Manach fabrics are like the pages of a history book telling the fabulous story of French style. The designs bring the 17th century back to life, take us back to the refined elegance of the 18th century and evoke the splendours of the First Empire (1804-1814).
— Le Manach
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