You Need to Know: Saipua

While researching about amazing ceramist Cecile Daladier I ended up at Saipua's website. The New York, Brooklyn based florist who takes arrangements to the next level of not just beauty but balance and poetry.

Once in a while in life, you come across things that make you believe in beauty, ground you and set your priorities straight again. On those moments, as you take a deep breath, stop and try to absorb the lesson, be grateful for life and everything that comes with it. 

Nobody better to describe Saipua's philosophy than its founding director Sarah Ryhanen.

It’s our belief that everyone needs more flowers in their life... more nature, more connection, more mystery and more intensely pleasurable moments which defy definition. We hope everything we do at Saipua serves to create more moments like these. And furthermore, that we can spark an interest in stewardship of the natural world which provides all our riches.
— Sarah Ryhanen

To see more beautiful arrangements, order your own, discover their wonderful soaps, sign up for an arrangement class or to just bring more flowers into your world go to Saipua.