A New Kind of Spring Cleaning

When searching for a house, what is the ultimate goal when decorating it, making improvements, and purchasing items to add to it?

A home should shelter your hopes and dreams, your aspirations for better days, and memories of days past. Your home should suit you.

I know of nothing more significant than the desire to build a home for your family. In doing so, you define not only the aesthetic that you and your loved ones will be exposed to daily but also where conversations will be shared, meals prepared, holidays celebrated, and so on. Your home is an extension and reminder of the life you decide to have.

As you decorate and add pieces to your home, you make decisions to have certain standards – hopefully, a combination of beauty and function celebrating our ancestors' values and the comforts of today.

How to achieve such a thing?

Close your eyes and breath deep; let it go. Let go of any outside expectation and listen to your heart.

Your home is yours to create every day with pleasing and harmonious colors, with suitable furniture that serves your needs with quality and comfort, with patterns and textures that make you smile and feel grateful, by including your history and embracing your future.

No home is below or above improvements. As we strive to grow daily and be our best selves, our homes should grow with us.

Your home should reflect your individuality, the future you strive to build, the dreams you have for your loved ones.

So you see, homes' idea is not new and has trends that come and go in fashion. But as beloved designer Yves Saint Laurent once said, "Fashions fade, style is eternal." I hope you will see your home as a reflection of your style, which is as unique as you are.

I believe that even rearranging your home with the pieces you already have and removing what does not serve you anymore is already a step in the right direction. Perhaps it won't be your dream yet, but a step into realizing what your true dream might be. You make it so by keeping the beauty and functionality and removing the worst as it is beneath the new you.

When things are arranged in harmony according to their function, you can glide through life easily and effortlessly. When you remove blocks from your way in the form of furniture and clutter, you open space for new thoughts and ideas to surface in your mind.

So, as a first and appropriate step during the beginning of Spring, clear what does not serve you anymore, empty your desk and place it by a window with natural light, so your work flows well, set your sofas and chair as to encourage conversation or relaxation, switch your linens for ideal sleep, add a candle to your bathroom for a moment of calm. Add a new item that symbolizes this new life you want for yourself, something beautiful that will bring you pleasure.

As you arrange your home, you define your worth and care for yourself and your loved ones. When you care for your home, you care for the ones that live in it.


Credit: The image in our intro is the beautiful fabric called Summerby by Colefax and Fowler. A classic yet fresh pattern that comes in variations of blue, green and pink hydrangeas.