Everything You Need to Know About Framing Art with J. Pocker

We interviewed Robyn Pocker, the owner, and expert behind J. Pocker, one of the most respected and legendary custom framing houses in Manhattan, to learn more about the art of framing art.

J.Pocker was founded in 1926 by Robyn's grandparents and throughout the years developed a reputation for excellence. 

A piece framed by J. Pocker will immediately exude good taste, quality, and a unique perfection. Who would disagree with the preferences of such icons of good taste as Lauren Bacall and Diana Vreeland? Both were this framing house's clients throughout the years.

Here, Robyn shares with us wonderful tips. Learn more and, when it comes to framing something for your home or as a gift, know that you have found the right place.

A Chat with Robyn Pocker...

Q. What are the most important things to consider when choosing a frame?
A. The first thing to consider is the medium of the art. Works on different papers are treated differently, as are pastels v mezzotint v works on board v photography. The selection is not only framing but matting as well. It's a whole way of looking at the piece of art.   

Q. Which choices in the process would elevate my artwork? 
A. The use of an 8 ply mat board. It will make any contemporary work on paper have more presence. If the work is on paper, to use the best possibly glazing that you can afford. Museum glass will give you a work to hang with no reflection and true color

Q. And if needed, where can I save money without compromise?
A. Chose a less expensive frame but do not compromise on archival preservation material.  

Q. Is it important for frame and mat to match the room where they will be placed in?
A. Not at all. If you have a traditional home and you inherit a wonderful work of contemporary art, of course, you would hang it in the space.
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Q. Are there rules for measuring and hanging artwork?
A. The rule is eye level. If you are hanging in the dining room, where you are mostly seated, then lower the art just a bit. I always recommend a professional installer when one is available.  A gallery wall is no easy feat without a bit of planning and know-how.

Q. There is such a large variety of frames. Are there any rules when choosing?
A. Really, there are no rules. As a business owner, I would say the rule is to use a knowledgeable framer who can guide you. There are so many framing periods and so much technical knowledge involved in a correct selection. Let the framer choose and you as the client, give them feedback.

Q. What to keep in mind when choosing mat colors and sizes?
A. What is trending now is off-white or white. We rarely use color now. Let the artwork use the color the artist intended, it rarely needs enhancement. We don't use small mats. The rule is at least 2 1/2 -3 inches. The matt is meant to give space to the work on paper. 
Q. What are your favorite frame/mat combinations?
A. Any work on paper can be successfully framed with an off-white mat and simple gold/silver frame. A little black dress and pearls of the framing world. The width and the finish may vary but you won't go wrong.

Q. When framing something to gift, what should I keep in mind?
A. Only your budget. When the art is well framed and it is a cohesive unit with the frame, your gift is well framed. No matter at all where the recipient hangs the gift.

Q. Do you have any sources for artwork we should know of?
A. If you are looking for inspiration, then there are so many spaces on Instagram to follow. I, of course, believe in seeing what your local galleries have to offer. There you will get good advice on size, color tone and medium. Most shop owners will let you take it home to try or offer to visit the space for the best advice. 

For more information contact J. Pocker at 212-838-5488 or email Robyn at robyn@jpocker.com. And for a constant source of inspiration, follow @jpocker on Instagram.