Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre Herbariae Parade Centerpiece


Founded in 1824, over its long history, the Vista Alegre brand adopted rigorousness, sophistication, and versatility as its core values. Vista Alegre products reflect the highest quality and functionality standards. Favored by top art collectors, socialites and interior designers these pieces are must-haves in your collection. Vista Alegre's Herbariae Parade collection sought inspiration from a table centerpiece created in the 17th century to embellish the table at the French court, as well as from 18th century Naturalism.

Herbariae Parade Centerpiece.

  • Size: 2 5/6" H x 6 3/8" L x 6 3/8" W
  • Porcelain Care - Decorative use only. Manual cleaning.
  • Hand-painted
  • Made in Portugal

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