Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre Venezia Dinner Set (66 pieces)


Founded in 1824, over its long history, the Vista Alegre brand adopted rigorousness, sophistication, and versatility as its core values. Vista Alegre products reflect the highest quality and functionality standards. Favored by top art collectors, socialites and interior designers these pieces are must-haves in your collection. Vista Alegre's Venezia the sophistication of the forms and the platinum decoration contrast with the delicacy of the relief, finished with a touch of colour in degracdé.

  • Components:
    • Dinner Plate 24pcs
    • Soup Plate 12pcs
    • Dessert Plate 12pcs
    • Bread & Butter Plate 12pcs
    • Large Salad Bowl 1pc
    • Large Oval Platter 1pc
    • Small Oval Platter 1pc
    • Oliv Dish 1pc
    • Sauceboat & Stand 1pc
    • Tureen 1pc
  • Size: 516mm H x 516mm L x 516mm W
  • Porcelain Care - Not suitable for microwaves. For dishwashing we advise short cycles at low temperatures. Avoid frequent use in dishwashing.
  • Made in Portugal

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