The Enchanted Home

Beautiful Pale Pink/White Scalloped Tissue Box


Introducing our latest addition to the home decor collection, a tissue box that redefines elegance with its stunning new pattern. Inspired by the timeless charm of floral block prints, this tissue box is hand-painted in a soothing pale pink adorned with delicate white accents, offering a gentle pop of color to your interior design. It's not just about functionality; this piece is a statement of artistry, designed to elevate the simple act of reaching for a tissue into a moment of aesthetic pleasure. And for those who appreciate a cohesive look, don't miss the opportunity to pair it with the coordinating scalloped wastepaper basket – together, they create a harmonious symphony of design and utility.

  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.5 in (14 x 14 cm)

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