Established in 2021, The Mayfair Hall is a distinguished online luxury interior design retailer and concierge service. Our origin is rooted in a keen observation: as a former fashion director, I discerned a disparity between exclusive interior designs available for trade and the offerings in mainstream stores. Recognizing this gap, The Mayfair Hall emerged.

Our mission is simple: bridge the worlds of interior design brands, visionary interior designers, and discerning customers. As a testament to our unique approach, The Mayfair Hall stands as the only global platform where luxury interior design brands can showcase their most imaginative creations, including their bespoke and unique pieces, catering directly to a refined clientele eager to discover them.

From decor to linens, tableware to lighting, and beyond, our platform boasts a vast array of products and brands. Every month, our dedicated clientele is treated to new and exclusive, carefully curated collections.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we strive to shape the future of luxury interior design e-commerce.


Founder, The Mayfair Hall